Monday, 26 January 2009

Two hours today

We were there working for two hours - moving more compost and some other jobs.
These included pruning the grape - hadn't got a clue so cut it back quite hard to the main stem for the most part. It looks loads better but if I get no grapes this year I'll not be surprised. We were told by someone on the site to ensure we cut it back hard else it bursts through the glass. I could already see where it'd been pushing at various panes and finding it's way under the edges so I gave it a good pruning back.

Once I'd done this I picked up all the bits and took them to the skip - the leaves went into the compost bin but the stems seemed quite touch so I got rid of them. When we're set up for composting properly (When Nic's built the new bins) we'll not throw anything away unless we absolutely have to.

Then I started on the raspberries. These were hard going and some of the stems were too tough. There seemed to be a lot of stems that had fruited last year and not much new growth. I've read raspberries last about 7 years so I'll be looking to add a new one at least this year.

I put some of our excellent compost on the rhubarb patch and discovered we have a 1/3 of a container of chicken manure.

The shed definately needs a tidy up so I can make sure I know what other treasures we've got lurking!

Two frogs again today!

A friend was very surprised to hear the allotment came with a shed and a greenhouse. A shed is essential for storing all your tools in and for hiding in when the rain comes down (It didn't today!)

We also saw our neighbouring plot holder today - someone we'd not seen before. I'm envious of his rhubarb it seems to be doing well. He turned up about half twelve which was just as we were finishing.

I quite like being there first thing - it's lovely and quiet apart from the motorway which was quieter today.

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