Monday, 26 January 2009

Suttons Seeds

Having a good look round all the seed companies websites and tonight it's Sutton's Seeds -
Suttons Seeds and Plants

They've got loads of seeds and plants - I've just seen aubergine. I think I might try that another year rather than this first year.

I know I want to grow some peas or beans. We all love peas but I'm the one who likes beans. So I guess more peas than beans ... I never liked runner beans when I was a kid and my gran grew tons of them - huge tall lines of green leafy beans and bright red flowers. But one day I tried them lightly cooked with pasta and pesto and it was the best meal I'd had for years. They were so lovely! They were picked from the garden of the house I was staying at - so very fresh and lovely. I've never had any that good since!

Oh and broad beans. I grew some when I was a kid. Just a couple of plants at the side of the garden path, white flowers with a black splodge and lovely fat beans. I do like broad beans with bacon! Mmm. You can tell why I've wanted an allotment can't you!

They've got about 18 pages of veggie seeds - and plenty of plants available too as well as flowers, fruit bushes and trees.
I've probably got enough fruit to start me off on my allotment so I'll avoid looking at currants now (need a good ID guide for id'ing fruit bushes as I've got currants of some sort..)

So def veg.
The things we eat are celery, onion, carrots, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, peas, - then smaller amounts of beans, and of course various fruits apples, pears, grapes, melons etc.

So the basics of the veg look easy. Onions - sets or seeds? Ooo pickled onions - shallots, spring onions. Yes we eat a lot of these.

As well as the basic info they give planting advice too:

Onion Ailsa Craig Seed

Traditional favourite!

Large bulbs often used for exhibition. To ensure colour, shape and finish sow in January under glass at 18-21°C (65-70°F). Can also be sown outdoors in March and April. Not recommended for long storage. Bulb onion variety.

Price: £1.30 Code: 172866

Units: Average Packet Content 250 seeds

Culture: Sow maincrop onions March-April outdoors, and thin early. For very large onions sow December-early January and transplant seedlings in spring. To store - lift and allow to dry in full sun, and hang in ropes in cool airy conditions. (24 weeks maturity.)

Sowing Time: January or March and April

So I can see that I either buy them this week or wait til Feb to worry about buying seeds.

Not good storers - something to consider. A big onion crop that won't store will means you'll lose onions to rot or mould.

I'm getting a clearer idea each time I read something else I want to grow though! and it's nice to see extra bits of info on seed sites too.

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