Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Dobies Seeds

Dobies Seeds
Dobies - the gardening experts

Dobies Seeds

Best selling veggies
1. Beetroot Boltardy Seeds - now I like beetroot especially pickled, so I might have to try growing some of this.
Resistant to bolting Price: £0.85

2. Carrot Maestro F1 Seeds - being carrot fly resistant is helpful!
Carrot fly resistant! Price: £1.95

3. Garlic Solent Wight Bulbs
British bred variety Price: £3.75

4. Broad Bean Imperial Green Longpod Seeds
Up to 9 beans per pod! Price: £1.35

5. Pea Hurst Green Shaft Seeds
Peas with a sweet flavour Price: £1.40

Best sellers
1. Garlic Lover's Collection
A great selection of bulbs for the garlic lover!
Price £12.40

2. Plum Victoria
The nation's favourite plum!
Price £18.95

3.Beetroot Boltardy Seeds
Resistant to bolting
Price £0.85

4. Begonia President Mixed F1 Easiplants
A beautiful mix of bronze and green foliage!
Price £9.95

5. Strawberry Malling Opal
Probably the best everbearer...ever!
Price £10.95

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