Sunday, 25 January 2009

Growing Celery

The previous allotmenter had celery on his patch. I know because it was all rotten from being sat out all winter. It's good news though because it looked like it had grown well.

I use celery a lot in cooking, so it's going to be a must have!
i've just had a look at T&M

Celery : Galaxy (Lathom Self Blanching) (Seeds)
Sow from late winter to spring on the surface of a moist peat based compost,
  • 500 seeds Price: £1.69

Celery : Tango F1 (Seeds)
Sow mid March to April under glass for transplanting outdoors
  • 150 seeds Price: £1.99

Celery : Victoria F1 (Seeds)Sow from late winter to spring
  • 300 seeds Price: £1.99

Celery : Victoria F1 (Plants and Bulbs) 15 plants
Despatch: During May 2009
Price: £4.29

Celery needs plenty of water when it's growing so it's something to keep an eye on every visit by the looks of it. You plant them about 9" apart each way in blocks not rows - this helps blanch them supposedly - and in rich well drained soil to which plenty of well rotted compost has been added. Compost helps the soil maintain the water levels better so itll hopefully give a better crop.

I quite like the idea of buying the plants ready to put in the ground - it sounds like a bit of a cheat though so I'll have to make my mind up soon!
This is the celery bed I was weeding yesterday. It took some digging out even though the plants were really rotten!

Cost wise celery was about 50p a bunch in the shops during last summer rising to about 80p last week. So even buying them as plants they work about 28p - so that way is definately dearer. You might be able to make a pack of seed last 3 years it it keeps well (Something else to consider - some seeds are only really viable the first year you open the packet, others last for years and some are best used within 3 years of opening!)

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