Sunday, 25 January 2009

My allotment

I've got an allotment at my local council's site. It's just over a mile from my home if I cycle and a bit further by car. I'm very concerned the distance will make it tricky to get over there - and indeed the weather isn't helping today!
It's threatened to rain and although it's only spotted so far I've not gone out. But as I work for myself I can be flexible about going during the week.

This is big trees I've got. They're plum apparently and were very heavy with fruit last summer even though the rest of the allotments had a bad year due to the weather. There's a rusty wheelbarrow, a green house (That's not mine in the picture though) and a shed!
It's got loads of plants on already including rhubarb, currents, raspberries, a vine in the greenhouse and some jerusalem artichokes!
It's a bit untidy and needs a good weeding, a couple of extra beds making and a general sorting out.
I'm very excited by the prospect of growing things in it this year and have been scouring the catalogues from seed companies already.

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